Training and Development

Other than online courses at the university, what have been your experiences with computer-based training in the workplace? Do you think it was effective? Why, or why not?
The only training I have done that required a computer was the HAZWOPER training. With the pandemic that is currently going on we now have to complete this training in house. Before we traveled to the Dallas to get the refresher training each year. I believe the company saved money by doing the training in house. It takes longer to do the training in house because if they need something in the facility you have to stop what you are doing and then resume the training later. When we went to Dallas for the refresher training we were in a classroom with no interruptions and you could interact with the other employees as well. If you had a question the instructor could answer it and on a computer you do not have that. So I believe the training on a computer is less effective than training done in a classroom.

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Training and Development
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