to write a research proposal , the topic has to be “JUVENILES AND THE REENTRY SYSTEM”

The assignment is to write a research proposal (between 4 and 5 pages).

The proposal will be divided into several main parts: (1) Title and Abstract – a half page (2) Introduction to the selected topic and the purpose statement – a half – 1 page; (2) Literature review – 1 – 1.5 pages (3) Research design and methodology, including research questions; worldview, research design (with a justification of the methodology) – 2 – 2.5 pages (4) Ethical considerations – up to a half page. The number of pages is approximate.

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to write a research proposal , the topic has to be “JUVENILES AND THE REENTRY SYSTEM”
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Title and Abstract – you can find information in Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41 and page 108
Introduction – Chapter 5, pages 107 – 119
Purpose statement – Chapter 6, pages 123 – 136
Literature Review – Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41. Include between 2 – 4 articles from scholarly journals ONLY. See the chapter for instructions how to conduct an online library search
Research design and methodology, Chapters 7, 8. 9 and 10. The worldview – Chapter 1, pages 5 -17. You need to include: research question/hypothesis, worldview, research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods), research instrument (e.g. survey, experiment), all information about sample, how and what type of the data you would collect (variables in a quantitative study).
Ethical considerations – Chapter 4, Pages 92 – 100
Bibliography – between 2 and 4 articles, APA style.

The paper needs to follow APA style (the library has a number of APA style manuals).


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