To Dr. Clover (Unit 5 Week 2 First Response Needed)

1.What are the components of competitive strategy? Within competitive strategy what is the relevance of a value change framework? What are the implications for customers and the competition?
Components of competitive strategy are planning, value creation, customer service, financial management and marketing. Value creation framework serves to institute a continuous evaluation of products to ensure that they are above the industry standards. To this effect, strategies are devised to ensure organizational products are better compared to those of competitors. Implications of competition strategies to customers include improvement of the quality of goods and services due to the need for companies to secure a large market. Products are tailored to suit the needs of consumer. Competition also enhances efficiency that translates to low cost of products for customers. For the case of competitors, they act in ways that are deemed to counter the competitive strategy adopted by a company in the industry. They react by adopting means that helps to keep them relevant to the market under the current competition.
2. Cooperative strategies are the steps taken by two or more organizations to align strategies and resources to achieve a common goal.  Discuss some considerations that must be taken into consideration when planning a strategic alliance.
Considerations that need to be undertaken when planning strategic alliances include the risks involved. The benefits to be incurred can be compared to the risks thereof to determine viability of the union. This ensures that the strategy is sound for the achievement of desired goals. The nature of partner to be engaged is another consideration to be made when planning a strategic alliance. Companies to be considered for the alliance need to complement efforts of the company in question. Nature of the partner is informed by the goals to be achieved by a company. Commitment of partners to the alliance is another consideration in planning strategic alliances. Organizational goals both companies need to be similar for them to work towards the same end.
3.What are the critical factors that are necessary in a joint venture to increase the likelihood of success?
Customer knowledge is a factor necessary for joint ventures to increase the possibility for success. This aspect is essential because it allows unions to meet demands for a given market. Products created in this case focus on the consumer preferences. Another important factor for increasing likelihood for success is engagement of technological innovation. This is important because it enhance efficiency and effectiveness of unions making it possible to establish products that are cheap and of a high quality. Economies of scale are another factor for consideration. It seeks to establish strategies that are most viable in production. Infrastructure development is another aspect to this end. It allows business to ensure that they are better placed to operate effectively in the future.

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To Dr. Clover (Unit 5 Week 2 First Response Needed)
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