Title of Paper depends on references attached

Writing papers in Graduate School should illustrate your understanding of the readings, demonstrate mastery of applying what you have learned and prove that you can cite references properly, using APA style. Your first paper will be focused on our diverse readings assigned Sessions 1-4, which include a case study (el-Karim, el-Mawary, Abdel-Alim, Identification and Assessment of Risk Factors affecting Construction Projects, HBRC Journal, 2015) and will require citations or discussion of the many risk management methods we are reading and discussing. Since the field of Risk Management relates to IT projects, construction projects, complex technical and government projects, educational projects and many others, you will be reading a variety of case studies this semester.The first paper must be focused upon topics or methods within assigned readings.You also have to use the PMBOK and I will attached the specific references in a word document. I will provide all the references in a pdf file to use for this 5 paper risk analysis paper

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