Thomas Jefferson: Did He Live up to His Beliefs?

Thomas Jefferson did not fully live up to his beliefs, to the extent of the Louis Ana purchase and the issue on slaves. Thomas Jefferson was a simple man, a feeder list, whose beliefs included strict construction of the constitution, and that all men are created equal. Despite the fact the Jefferson built schools in order to give the poor CEQ al rights, he went against his beliefs surrounding slavery. In Document 2, Jeffery on States “Black men are pests”.
He is saying that Black people are incapable of being as successful as whites, which directly contradicts his beliefs. Also, after he realize De he wouldn’t be able to change the rules on slavery, he kept his slaves on his plant action. Document 4 suggests that “Jefferson slaves were his property’. Both Dotcom .NET 4 and 5 talk about Jefferson grant of freedom to seven slaves. It talks about a s lave which he had an affair with, and her children, who were all given freedom. He only granted freedom to very few slaves, which proves he did not live up to his bell ifs.
The Louisiana purchase was directed by a loose construction of the constitution, c monetary to Jefferson beliefs. It says in Document 6, ” Nowhere in the constitution could J offers find mention of the purchase of land from foreign powers. ” Presidents do not have this right to purchase such lands, yet Jefferson thought it wasn’t beyond his rights given in the constitution.

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Thomas Jefferson: Did He Live up to His Beliefs?
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