Thinking Question 3

Please watch the four videos (links below-Don’t worry they are short) and read the short article associated with video #2.  In a minimum of 500 words, answer the prompt.
Using advancing technology, will amputees surpass able-bodied athletes?  If so, should they be allowed to compete against able-bodied athletes, or should they be required to have their own competitions?  Is this different from doping?  What about integrating tech into able-bodied athletes beyond shoes or voluntarily removing limbs to accept new tech?  Where does it stop? Should it stop? Will athletes be replaced by robots?  What do you think?
#2– Read the article below and watch the embedded video titled “Blake Leeper Ruled Ineligible for the Olympics” (two guys talking on mics).  There are two other embedded videos you can watch if you wish.

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Thinking Question 3
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