Theory Application- personality theory to be applied (May’a Existentialism theory)

Instructions: For each application paper, the assignment is as follows.

(1) Think of someone you know well (either personally, a well-known public figure, or yourself)

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Theory Application- personality theory to be applied (May’a Existentialism theory)
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(2) Identify either something the person did, or some personality characteristic that the individual tends to display

(3) Pick one of the personality theories that we discuss in this course. Choose a different theory for each application paper.

(4) Write the Theory Application. In the application, you should:

(a) briefly describe the person and describe the behavior or personality characteristic you are writing about;

(b) explain how one of the theories in the class would explain that behavior or personality characteristic;

(c) briefly evaluate the explanation; you can express your opinion about the degree to which the theory-based explanation provided insight into the individual you’re discussing.

Length: 4 pages.

Plagiarism: Do not copy any portion of your book (or any other source) into your essays. Plagiarism interferes with the main purpose of having you prepare these papers, which is to get you to synthesize what you have read and then explain it and analyze it IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Format: You do not have to include a reference page with this assignment. However, your paper should be written in APA format and include a title page.

Title page (including title of paper, student’s name with middle initial, and Oral Roberts University centered on 3 lines, double spaced between, in the upper half of the page)

Page numbers in the upper right corner of the page, beginning with the title page


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