Theoretical Applications

3.  Indicate whether you would like to have either a manager, finisher, and/or submitter role, or simply work as another group member.  
Ex:The manager helps coordinate the work,  distributes the concepts when someone has not picked a topic, creates a google document, proposes a timeline, and reaches out to me when there are group issues. The manager involves everyone as much as possible. If more than 2 people want to be managers even better. 
Ex:The finisher is the person who takes the very last look of the document, so that there are no typos and the fonts are all the same so that it looks like one coherent product. For the checker to do a good job, everyone needs to do their best effort by a certain time/date. They are not the group’s editor, rather someone who is willing to take one last look at the document. 
Ex:The submitter is the person who will submit both the assignment in Turnitin and Canvas. You may choose to be both the finisher and submitter. 
Ex:Other group members (not finishers, managers or submitters) work on their section (incorporate input or seek clarification), give detailed feedback to a peer as well as give feedback to whole draft once everyone has reviewed their section.
4.  From the list below, pick one theory that you will be willing to cover.  If someone has already picked that concept, pick a different one.  Keep in mind that in groups of 7, I expect to find two examples of one the concepts so that each one works individually on a separate section. 
– Operant Conditioning: Reinforcement, Punishment, or Premack Principle
– Social Learning Theory: Modeling/Learning by Imitation
– Social Learning Theory: Example of an Effective Model
– Piaget: Assimilation/accommodation
– Vygotsky: Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding
5. Pick a theory different from the one you picked above that you will be willing to review in more detail. 

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Theoretical Applications
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