The Way the U.S.A Prepares

The government’s role is mostly to hand out the cash for the people of the states to repair and and to prepare.The cash is raised by the senate when needed.State use the cash to prepare by funding shelter,hospitales,and other places to be ready for the disaster they are expecting.such as when they prepare for a hurricane they would use the money to prepare storm shelters and stock food for after the hurricane.
There was also the preparation of people .Such as hurricane michel there were many active members of the u.s military that participated it search and rescue.Other nations prepare in similar was such as funding local place with disaster relief and readiness,but is different in what they prepare for some disasters are not as common here as somewhere else .
The government is not alway helpful in these matters since the president has the power to allow or deny request for is not uncommon for a president to deny the request as well.They could change this by giving the support that the state need at the time so they can help the people faster.The federal government is well prepared for the hurricane coming,and florida is preparing as well getting preparations ready.

After the hurricane passes relfe services will be put into action such as giving food to those that need it and other necessities.A similar case is puerto rico and how they are still recovering from a disaster they recently went though.they are looking to find housing for those that lost it and giving help to relief efforts,but the country can not handle such a task so it has sought the help of the u.s federal the u.s we have services such as FEMA and the USDA to help citizens when disaster strikes.
Not only those but each branch helps in there own way.executive can give the states the money they need,while the judicial branch restores order.lastly the legislative decides the policies on how they go about handling the situation and raises the money for the states.Policies such as the disaster relief bill the senate passed to help the victims of hurricane harvey.

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