The State Board of Nursing Agency Overview

I chose to review the State Board of Nursing for the state of Ohio at, www. nursingohio. gov. The mission of the Ohio Board of Nursing is to actively safeguard the health of the public through effective regulation of nursing care ( www. nursing. oho. gov; June 2013) The agency offers nurses the ability to renew licenses and certifications online, enroll into refresher courses, sign up for state conferences and review laws and rules of the State Board. The agency holds its standards and requirements to its nurses to the up most.
While researching information I found that any actions that our field against board members are located on the site as well as any disciplinary actions that may take place. In January of 2013 I located 256 disciplinary actions from indefinite suspensions, to permanently revoked license, to hearing actions. Then 44 monitoring actions from urine drug requirements, lift of narcotic restrictions, and approved to accept employment actions. The agency supports the patients that each member comes in contact with. The State Board requires each member to practice nursing safeguards.
Making sure that every nurse is familiar with laws and rules that affect his/or her practice. As well as providing trainings, assessments to keep every member up to date to prevent penalties. The State Board also provides a listing for education purposes for associate degree programs that are offered in many different cities in Ohio from Akron, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio. Each school is to meet the Boards requirements and allows a student to see if a college is conditional approved, fully approved or provisional approved by the state board.

The site also assists with FAQ for continuing education and scholarship and loan opportunities for nurses in the state of Ohio. The Ohio State Board, is not only is available for nurses to review but also allows t the public to know there rights, as well as file complaints if need be. I think the fact that Board makes it know that they hold each of their members accountable to provided quality care shows that they are committed to make sure nurses maintain its high standards.

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The State Board of Nursing Agency Overview
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