The role of the midwife in the childbirth process

I need a 5-10 page double spaced 12 font paper on one of the following topics. The requirments are under the you will need the following.-The role of the midwife in the childbirth process-Cultural differences in birth practices, or breast feeding (choose one)-Cultural variations in childcare-Body awareness in young children-Gender awareness in young children-Toilet training-The family bed-SIDS-A career that works with young childrenYou will need to do the following:Research your topic. You must use at least five different sources in your research for this project. You may choose to use your textbook, sources located at the end of your lessons in the “Inquiring Minds Want To Know” section, or any other credible sources you find.Write a 5-10-page research paper, double-spaced, using 12-point font. Your paper must cover your topic in depth and contain specific information that is not found in your textbook or lessons.Be sure to spell check and grammar check your paper. You may want to have someone else read through your essay to make sure that it makes sense and that there are no awkward or unclear sentences or concepts.Include properly cited sources used in your research at the end of your essay using MLA and APA style format. Select the following links for help in accurately quoting your sources: MLA style or APA style. Be sure to include the URL so your instructor can quickly access your source.

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