The relevance of the Professional Code of Ethics

 For this assignment you are to introduce the introduce Professional Codes of Ethics in general. Then you will pick the ACM or IEEE Code of Ethics and briefly describe it. You will then pick up to two related items and expand on those to support the notion that Code of Ethics are necessary, useful and important. If you decide that that Code of Ethics are not necessary or useful, that will necessitate a more comprehensive discussion of codes of ethics, or specifically that of ACM or IEEE, to arrive at a logical conclusion.
 The paper must consist of the following sections. The section titles must be present: 
• Title page: Title: The relevance of the Professional Code of Ethics, Course number, Paper 2, Name, Date Due: November 18, 2019
• Introduction (Introduce the general issues on the subject of privacy and surveillance.) • Definition: Define the specific issue that you will be addressing
• Background and Discussion (of the specific issue, recommendation)
• Conclusion (Recommendation, how it will improve things.)
• References (Between 6-8, maximum 3 online references.) Requirements 
• Throughout the paper you must give credit to the ideas and words of others. Failure to give credit may be considered plagiarism, which may result from 15 to 100 points off depending on the severity. Please read the syllabus and CSUSB Bulletin for policies on plagiarism and cheating. 
• There must be no more than a total of 400 words of direct quotes. Beware of paraphrasing and plagiarism. Please read and follow the guidelines here: 
• Must be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
• The voice throughout the paper must be consistent.
• The citation style of the references must be in IEEE format: sites/default/files/analysis/27/IEEE%20Citation%20Guidelines.pdf • Length: Overall the paper must between 1,200 to 1,400 words. Use 1.5 spacing instead of double spacing. 
• Must be submitted both electronically and in hardcopy. The electronic submission time is the official one. Instructions for possibly submit to Turnitin will be provided later. 
Grading: A grading rubric will be provided separately. 

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The relevance of the Professional Code of Ethics
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