The principle source of income for the state of New York

The principle source of income for the state of New York for 1998 is taxes. The priciple expenses of the stste of New York for 1998 are: Education is an expendature that should be increased. If education was increased children would get better jobs and better jobs pay more money which produces more taxes, taxes pay for better schools. More community centers with sports facilities should be created to get kids off the streets. Kids would have a place to go to have fun plus it would make alot of money all schools should be pdated with new computers to prepare students for entering the business community.
The state should propose to start a partnership with computer companies and the board of education of education in purchasing the computers. The private companies would benefit from this because the more computers used the more computer orientated customers are created. A way to pay for expenditures is by cutting out the “pork barrel” pet projects by the legislatures. If the budget just passed there were 350 million “pork barrel” projects requested by the legislatures.
If the government cut that in half it would pay for the increases I suggested. Conservative groups that believe the goverment play too much of a role in their lives of the voters would not be in favor of my proposals. In recent years there have been increasing numbers of strikes by public employees like teachers, transit, sanitation, and municipal workers. In many instances these acts were in violation of existing laws which prohibited such One reason why many states and federal government prohibited strikes is because of public safety.

If the fire department was to strike lives would be at stake. Neighborhoods would would be burned down. Police shouldn’t strike because crime would rise , traffic enforcement people wouldn’t pay attention to light and possible riots. If sanitation had a strike it would cause a health hazard. The second reason is for business purposes and commerce. If the transit were to strike people wouldn’t be able to go to and back to work. The banks handle the money of civilians.
If teachers were to strike kids wouldn’t get the ducation they need to get a good job and they might cause trouble on the On the other hand private bus services should be able to strike. Althogh some people may be hurt by this it does not affect the cities commerce. I do not believe that government employees should have the right to strike. They should sign a statement before they are hired because if they strike it puts the publics Arbitration should be the process that should be put in affect to settle disputes between the employees and the city.
Te city chooses someone then the employees choose someone then they choose a third person. This panel determines the settlement of the contract of the employees strike. Striking has become a major problem in recent years because striking is the last weapon the employees have to defend their rights . For instance if workers are working in an unsafe environment they have the right to strike. In York there is a law which prohibits striking this is known as the Taylor Law. Punishment for striking could be dismissal or dock in pay.

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The principle source of income for the state of New York
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