the pressure of O2 (in atm) over a sample

Can someone please help me set up these problems? No need to answer them for me, just having trouble setting them up:Calculate the pressure of O2 (in atm) over a sample of NiO at 25 degrees Celcius if the delta G standard = 212 kJ/mol for the reaction: NiO(s)<-->Ni(s)+(1/2)O2(g)The equilibrium constant Kp for the reaction CO(g)+Cl2(g) <--> COCl2(g) is 5.62×10^35 at 25 degrees Celcius. Calculate delta G of formation for COCl2 at 25 degrees Celcius.The answers I’m getting seem really, really off ( like 4.73×10^-75 atm for the first one?!)Thank you to anyone who can help.

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