The Pension Trust Fund maintained by the City of Linden had

E8-2 (Journal entries for a pension Trust Fund)The Pension Trust Fund maintained by the City of Linden had the following transactions during 2012. Record each transaction in the Pension Trust Fund. Ignore any other funds that may be involved in a transaction.1. Contributions of $600,000 were received from General Fund employees, and the General Fund contributed its share of $100,000.2. The fund paid $500 for investment management fees.3. Investments held by the fund increased in value by $3,500.4. Depreciation on fund capital assets totaled $800.5. Retirement benefits of $7,700 were paid to retirees.6. Interest of $2,500 and dividends of $1,400 were received from investments.E8-4 Journal entries for an investment trust fund)Prepare the journal entries to record the following transactions in an Investment Trust Fund forSeggen County during the calendar year 2013.1. Turtle Creek and Pineview contributed $60,000 and $40,000, respectively, to an InvestmentTrust Fund operated by Seggen County during 2013.2. Investments totaling $75,000 were purchased.3. Income from the investments during the year totaled $8,000.4. The fund paid $1,500 to the county for investment management fees.5. The investments increased in value by $3,000.6. Income of $10,000 was paid to the two cities, based on the relative amount of their initialinvestment.P8-2 (Preparation of a statement of fiduciary net position for a Pension Trust Fund)The following information is available for Russellville at June 30, 2012. Prepare a statement of fidu-ciary net position for Russellville’s Pension Trust Fund as of June 30, 2012, by reporting the assets and liabilities from the information provided.Additions—interest $ 250,000Member contributions 340,000Loss on sale of investments 30,000Cash 180,000Accrued expenses 56,000Interest receivable 20,000Accounts payable 33,000Due to other funds 54,000Investments 10,000,000Deductions—operating costs 42,000Retirement annuities paid 987,000

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