The measurement of marketing activity is essential if marketing strategy

MARKETING ASSIGNMENT (20%)Assignment(2000 words +/- 10%)The measurement of marketing activity is essential if marketing strategy and its performance is to be properly evaluated. Marketing metrics are discussed throughout your textbook and in this unit. They are also an important aspect of marketing reporting which the Australian Marketing Institute (A.M.I.) has sought to assist member companies to use. Their use has been studied by various academic researchers (see Google Scholar and your textbook for examples) with findings reported concerning the use of such metrics. Nevertheless, it seems that marketing metrics are not universally used by marketing organisations.Your task is to examine and discuss share of voice as it relates to brand/product.You are to indicate how this metric is used (academic and professional papers), and suggest why marketing management place such importance on this aspect of marketing. You are expected to indicate the benefits to both marketing organisations (e.g., profit/not-for-profit/government and other institutions) and their customers following a review of the aforementioned literature.Deakin guide to referencing. (Please use Harvard in the Business Faculty)Assignment Submission GuidelinesMarketing Assignment: See NAVIGATORThe following file name format should be used:MMK277-Student Name–share_of_voice.doc (or docx)Turnitin is linked to the drop box. After you submit your assignment to the drop box, the report is automatically processed by Turnitin. TURNITIN checks that you have not unwittingly used the work of others’ (i.e., academic and trade authors, etc). There are penalties for plagiarism at this university that are described in the MMK277 unit guide and on Cloud Deakin. All Turnitin reports will be assessed by the Unit Chair. Team leaders will be notified if there is an issue with similarity index.There is a Turnitin draft link available on Cloud Deakin to assist you with checking your work throughout trimester. Turnitin help file : submission: Late submissions will not be accepted without requests for late submission. Such requests must be directed to the Unit Chair and must meet Faculty guidelines for special consideration. If you need an extension for the assignment, you do not need to apply formally to the Faculty for special consideration. However, you will need to email the Unit Chair at least 72 hours BEFORE the due date (via 277helpt2) with your request and you will need to meet the Faculty’s special consideration requirements – work commitments are not a sufficient reason for an extension. Please see the Unit Guide for rules about Special consideration and University processes.Please note that you are expected to be working progressively on the assignment – unless exceptional circumstances apply, requests for extensions that are received in the week preceding the due-date are not likely to be granted. The Unit Chair’s response to such requests is likely to be for you to submit the latest version of your assignment on the due-date. Note that work commitments and being busy with other assignments are not grounds for special consideration. Requests for extensions will not be given without substantiating documentation

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