The Importance of Being Educated

I believe that Early Childhood centres should create a positive environment where children are more stimulated, happy, comfortable and safe from harm. Where learning is more meaningful and children can be extended.
I believe that children learn in a holistic way through play. They learn by being actively involved. The process of a child’s work is important not just the results. They learn through stages at their own pace. The adults role in children’s learning is to provide scaffolding for the child’s endeavours, supports and connections, that are removed and replaced when and where they are needed. Adults need to provide a developmentally appropriate programme to cater for all children. There is a need to plan for each child based on their own interests, strengths and needs. The curriculum planning should be based on the principles of Te Whaariki and the knowledge that all children are individuals.
I feel that there is a need for Early Childhood Educators to work in partnership with parents/caregivers and Whaanau. This is an essential part of providing the best possible opportunities for children to reach their fullest potential. I recognise that parent/caregivers and Whaanau are the major sources for this knowledge. Which is a very valuable resource for teachers. Therefore there must be a good relationship between centre staff and parents to provide a strong connection and consistency among all aspects of the child’s world.

I believe that the uniqueness of each child should be valued. To apply the principle of fairness to all practices within the centre and to avoid discrimination as the basis of culture, gender, disability, religion or class. I feel that all children have the right to attend a centre.
I am committed to providing an environment in which every child is enriched by the dual cultures of the treaty partners. I recognise that we are becoming a multicultural society and realise the importance of understanding the diversity that this brings to Early Childhood Education. I believe that Te Reo Maori should be actively included into the centres programme.
It is important as an Early Childhood Educator to work as a team member, where each member is encouraged to utilise their own individual skills. There needs to be open and honest communication between staff members to create on effective team. It is also necessary for staff to have common goals and work together to achieve them.
I feel that the management of children’s behaviour must be fair and consistent. Teachers and adults must model and promote peaceful conflict resolution methods to enable children to learn and deal with conflict in an appropriate way. I also believe that the development of self-esteem by positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour is important to safeguard the rights and emotional development of every child at the centre.
I believe that it is necessary for teachers to be involved in a continuing process of professional development to keep in touch with the changes that are constantly effecting the Early Childhood Education field.

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The Importance of Being Educated
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