The focus of this section is to analyse and discuss the chosen

PLEASE READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY. ALL THE REQUIREMENTS ARE IN HERE.I need answer for part B only, app. 500-700 words. Target market i have chosen is India but i can consider China as well if you have good information.Since the initial admission of full fee paying overseas students in the early-1980s, the Australian education exports sector has expanded significantly over the past three decades at an average estimated growth rate of 12% in per annum (Marginson, 2011). Education was Australia’s largest services export and the fourth-largest overall export during the period of 2013-2014 (DFAT, 2014), with recent ABS data showing Australia’s international education services export income hitting a record high of $17.6 billion in 2014 (Bracey, 2015). The export of education services is arguably unique and different in comparison with the export of tangible products and the export of services in other business sectors. Education exports utilise ‘inward exporting’, a procedure whereby the service provider (as the exporter) would engage in international activities without moving to a foreign market, requiring instead that foreign customers visit the exporter’s home market.Requirements:-a. Conduct an extensive review of the literature pertaining to Education Exports and Inward Exporting of Services.b. Choose a market located in Asia. Preferably INDIA or i can consider china. Analyse its potential as a target market for attracting prospective students.Country Analysis (worth 15/40 of marks)The focus of this section is to analyse and discuss the chosen country’s potential as a target market for attracting prospective students to study in AustraliaStart by choosing any country located in Asia (this does not have to be a ‘new’ market for your institution)This analysis should focus on understanding the target market better (eg. your institution wants to attract more international students from Malaysia – we may already have some Malaysian students studying here, but we want to understand this market better to further enhance our success and to plan future strategies that are more consistent with the needs of international students from this location)Your analysis should present comparison between the tertiary education sector of your chosen market and that of Australia, while also considering why Australia may be an attractive place to study for prospective students from this marketPLEASE NOTE: this report is related to education exports from Australia. i need an analysis of target market preferably india or chinaAustralia is the exporter and india is the Target market. We have to analyse how india is a good target market in relation to its prospective students who want to go abroad and study.

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