The focus of the report may be at the local, regional, continental

Essay Objectives and Marks AllocationWrite an essay of 1,500 words (at least eight pages) that focuses on a chosen and agreed-upon topic examining the relationship between people (or society) and their environment/resources.The focus of the report may be at the local, regional, continental, or global scale.Possible topics include:Problems and potentials with respect to maintaining the quality or availability of a particular resource (water, forests, wildlife, ecosystems, open space, etc.)Maintenance/loss of biodiversityLand-use planning in an urban or non-urban contextChanging relationships between culture and environmentThe differing views of sustainable development/sustainability between the LDCs and the HDCsDiffering worldviews such as traditional knowledge and Western-based “scientific” knowledge, and how these worldviews reflect different relationships between people and environmentAny topic of interest to you and which you can discuss with, and gain approval from, your Open Learning Faculty MemberFor example, if you selected “loss of biodiversity” as an essay topic, you would need to consider developing a thesis statement about this topic that reflected the course’s theme of humans and their environment.One such topic could be, “habitat loss threatens biodiversity.”You must clearly identify a thesis statement in your essay; if you would like, once you pick your topic you may verify the appropriateness of your thesis question or statement with your Open Learning Faculty Member.From our example above, an appropriate thesis statement would be:“The destruction of habitat from urban expansion will eventually lead to an irreversible loss of biodiversity. As a society, we need to decide what is more important: new subdivisions and shopping malls, or preservation of natural ecosystems?”

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