The concept of cultural diffusion is an important foundation for

Here are three geographic’s assignment that I would to gel help on, this must be at least 250 words long per question. Moreover, every single assignment must contain 3 to 4 references links. However, I would like to take a brief moment to remind you to please refrain from using Wikipedia (or any other Wiki, blog, or academically inappropriate source) as part of your research. Wikipedia themselves caution their readers against using their site as an academic resource. See here: Any assignment that makes use of Wikipedia will receive a zero grade, so please be sure to avoid this at all costs.1. Cultural DiffusionThe concept of cultural diffusion is an important foundation for understanding how the cultural landscape develops. What diffusion of ideas do you see today? Mediterranean Food? Middle East Food? (250-300 words)2. South Asia Physiographic FeaturesSouth Asia is striking in its physiographic make up. Incredible mountains, steaming jungles, stark deserts, and balmy islands. Pick the feature or features most striking to you and give some details that intrigue you. (250-300 words)3. Impact of IslamWith the great impact from Islam would “Arabchina” be a more appropriate name for the realm? What is the extent of Arab influence in Indochina? (250-300 words)

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