The case explains a scenario where in a newly appointed security finds that his

Security Force Staff Issues Paper – Write a 1,250 to 1,750 word paper based on the following scenario: You are a new security manager with several armed security officers and security planners working for you. Your security force is responsible for the security of a nuclear power plant and its grounds. You soon realize that the security officers and the planners have little regard for each other and their duties and responsibilities. In addition, morale is generally very low between both groups. You do not have much money in your budget for raises this year, other than small cost of living adjustments. Describe the potential effect of this issue on security operations. How would you resolve the problem?**NO MORE THAN 30% OF THE PAPER CAN BE REFERENCED MATERIAL.** PAPER MUST BE IN APA FORMAT ALSO.** INTRODUCTION & CONCLUSION NEEDED. HOWEVER NO ABSTRACT NEEDED.

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