The Bahamas and Global Leadership

The Bahamas aspired to global leadership and recognition as a “Center of Excellence” in the delivery of services. Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude. Explain what you think this means, providing examples.
The Bahamas has aspired to global leadership and recognition as a center of excellence in the delivery of services. Aspirations of global leadership cannot be accomplished without excellence. In order to be a leader globally you need dedication, commitment and you need to be excellent in every aspect of your job.
Since tourism is a major industry in the Bahamas, we have to be diverse and able to deliver the services we offer with class and pride. If we want a strong continuity of tourism we must provide the services that we have to the tourist with quality, distinction and superiority. For example, seeing as we provide beautiful beaches to our tourists, we cannot leave the beach unclean or polluted. We must keep the beaches clean so that more tourists would want to come back to our country.

We also have to keep in mind that even though out country is very unique from other places, we are still in competition with them, if we don’t provide exceptional services then our tourists will go to places that do provide exceptional services.
How our delivery of services is received by the tourist will determine whether the tourism industry will have a major effect on our economy.
Excellence can have a number of meanings, it can be defined as (1) the quality or state of being outstanding and superior or (2) a feature in which somebody or something is superior and outstanding or (3) something in which something or someone excels. In other words excellence can be said to be the state or quality of excelling. It is superiority, or the state of being good to a high degree. Excellence is considered to be a value by many organizations, in particular by schools and other institutions of education, and a goal to be pursued.
The pursuit of excellence is not to be a quest for superiority, and is not about competition, which is usually done for one’s own glory or significance or for the praise or applause of men. Excellence means being your best,being better tomorrow than you were yesterday and matching your practice with your potential.
It can be said that excellence is not a skill but an attitude bcause a skill is an ability, usually learned and acquired through training, to perform actions and an attitude is a personal view of something, an opinion or general feeling about something. Excellence cannot be learned or acquired through training. A parent or teacher cannot teach a child to be excellent; he or she can only teach that child to have an attitude of excellency or to have a positive mindset of being excellent.
If someone has a strong personal view of being excellent then that person has a greater chance of succeeding in that endeavor. There is a greater chance of experiencing Excellency because if you have a positive outlook on life and you believe that excellence is an attitude that starts on the inside you will never fail. Everything starts out as a seed that grows from the inside. Excellency is the attitude that starts on the inside of a person.

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The Bahamas and Global Leadership
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