The Arabian Nights, choose a sentence that repeats at

From Nights First to Sixty-Eighth of The Arabian Nights, choose a sentence that repeats atleast two times within the text. Through a close reading of the repeated sentence, address oneor more of the following questions:What idea does the repetition of the sentence convey? How does the repetition of thesentence convey the idea it does? Does the sentence convey the same idea each time itrepeats? If not, how does its literal repetition nevertheless convey a different idea? If you findthat there are slight variations of the sentence in addition to literal repetitions, to what extentand in what ways do the variations alter, complicate, reinforce, or undermine the ideaconveyed by the repetition?Remember to provide careful and accurate textual support for your argument. Also be carefulto quote the text accurately, format the quote correctly, and use the appropriate citationformat for the text.

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