THC is very lipid soluble

1. Morphine will help for:a. acute painb. chronic painc. phantom paind. all of the above2. statement 1: THC is very lipid solublestatement 2: Medical marijuana dose regulations is easiest when administered orallya. both statements are trueb. both statements are falsec. only statement 1 is trued. only statement 2 is true3. what is the effect of combining alcohol and a benzodiazepine (e.g. valium)?a. nothing spectacular, they both do their own thing without interaction, because they both act through a different receptorb. their effects will be canceled since alcohol counteracts the effect of benzosc. their effects will be larger because they both enhance GABAa receptors4. which changes in an excitatory synapse are inhibitory (can pick more than one)a. reuptake blockerb. hyper polarizationc. receptor antagonistd. pharmacodynamic tolerancee. up regulating auto receptors

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