Team Performance and Productivity

Examine variables, conditions, and concepts that influence team performance and productivity.
Scenario Information
As a leader, you have been tasked with building a team whose purpose is to recommend a new performance evaluation system. The current system is outdated and greatly reduces employee morale each year.
As the leader of this problem-solving team, you are tasked with reviewing a team performance report. The report reveals that the team is behind schedule by more than six weeks, team members often miss meetings, there is noted conflict among team members, team members do not have clear direction and roles, there is no feedback on performance, and there is no clear team leader. The productivity score is 68%; the company goal is 90%. The company has asked you to create a comparative table of your findings. Your table will include the report findings in one column; with associated solutions, methods, and/or recommendations in the next column.
Report Finding(s)
Solution, Method, and/or Recommendation
Example: Undefined roles
Discuss solution, method, or recommendation to address role definition, setting standards, and expectations, with examples and reasons.
Example: Team conflict
In your table, you will want to:

Discuss models for successful team performance.
Determine the conditions necessary for teams to function effectively.
Describe methods for addressing problems with performance.
Describe tools used for diagnosing and enhancing team performance.
Describe methods for setting clear performance standards and criteria.

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