Symbolize the following claims, using the letters indicatedW

Symbolize the following claims, using the letters indicatedW= Wildlife are threatened.A= Agricultural production is increased.P= The use of pesticides is continued.———- 1. Wildlife will be threatened if we increase agriculturalproduction.———- 2. We cannot both increase agricultural production and avoidthreatening wildlife.———- 3. If we are to increase agricultural production, we’ll have tocontinue the use of pesticides, but if we do that wildlife willbe threatened.———- 4. If we don’t use pesticides then wildlife will not be threatened.———- 5. If agricultural production is increased or pesticide use iscontinued, wildlife will be threatened.———- 6. The continuation of pesticide use will be sufficient to ensure thatwildlife will be threatened.———- 7. The continued use of pesticides is necessary for increasedagricultural production.———- 8. Together, the continued use of pesticides and the increase inagricultural production will guarantee that wildlife will be threatened.———- 9. Agricultural production will not increase even though the use ofpesticides will continue.———- 10. While pesticide use will continue, agricultural production willnot increase.———- 11. Either we increase agricultural production or we don’tthreaten wildlife.———- 12. If we don’t want to threaten wildlife, then we can’t continuepesticide use and we can’t increase agricultural production.a. P & ~Ag. A v ~Wb. (A P) & (P W) h. ~P ~Wc. ~A & Pi. ~W (~P & ~A)d. ~(A & ~W) j. A Pe. (P & A) Wk. (A v P) Wf. A Wl. P W

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