SWOT Analysis Perform a SWOT analysis on Van Go Paints

TASKS 1 SWOT AnalysisPerform a SWOT analysis on Van Go Paints. (20 marks)2 Revenue Model Describe Van Go Paints’ revenue model. Make sure you clearly identify the business processes and transactions. (15 marks)3 Suitability to E-Commerce Analyse the suitability of Van Go Paints’ products for E-Commerce (15 marks)4 Web UsabilityDevelop a new single-sentence headline for the entry page of Van Go Paints website. Your headline should target B2B customers and be developed from keyword research. Eg https://www.progressive.com (“Get insurance for anything you need”).TIP: Do keyword research to find high-demand keyword phrases using the Google Adword’s Keyword Planner tool. (5 marks)b. Identify one (1) high demand keyword or phrase that you used and describe one (1) main B2B-customer benefit from your headline. (5 marks)c. Describe the one (1) event or outcome that you want from your ideal B2B-customer when they visit the Van Go Paints website. (5 marks)5 Advertising for the web Recommend three (3) methods of advertising or internet technology that could be used to promote Van Go Paints to retail customers (B2C) and discuss each of your recommendation’s benefits with respect to Van Go Paints. (15 marks)6 Supply Chain Management Identify Van Go Paints’ business objectives and discuss how they can utilize electronic commerce to achieve them. (20 marks)

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