Supplemental Reading post. You need to put a third item that you look for an article or video.

Supplemental Reading Posts
Each module contains a Supplemental Reading Post where students must submit one post per week. The goal of the post is for the student to describe the lessons learned in the material which they believe applies to their management career ahead. Critique of the material is also welcome.
Each week students will:

Be asked to comment on two of the items (Items include journal articles and videos) in the Supplemental Reading Post module
Find an academic peer-reviewed article similar to one of the items to attach to their post. Some modules have as many as 10 items to choose from, but you only need to comment on two items. 

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Supplemental Reading post. You need to put a third item that you look for an article or video.
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The post should be in the form of a single thread with all of the topics included in the one thread. The thread should contain three to five sentences per item and have an attached PDF version of the student’s new article attached. If there are both articles and videos, a student should choose one of each.  In the case you only find articles and no videos, you do two articles and vice versa.
A sample post will be provided in the first Supplemental Reading Post.

The approximate length of a response: 6-10 sentences (3-5 sentences per item (article/video).
Students are not required to respond to other student’s posts.
Each forum is only available for the dates listed in the forum.
All posts are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM of the week of the module. 
Posts are worth two points each.
Students will be evaluated on their ability to utilize the concepts presented in the text to explain how these articles and videos inform their management career ahead.
Grades will normally be posted within 5 days.  
Feedback for the Supplemental Reading Post will be provided when the student is not on track.
Emailed submissions will not be accepted.
No group work is required.
No attachments! Use the space provided on the board to write or paste your post

Supplemental Reading Post 4

Title:  Michael J Tews and Hubert B Van Hoof, 2011, In favor of hospitality management education. 
Professors Artilce: Seventy-Five Years of U.S. Hotel Revenues, Expenses, and Profits
 Synopsis:  The article gives an overview over 7 decades of the triumphs and failures of the lodging industry. Starting form the great depression through the boom in the 50s and into the first decade of the 21stcentury. The wars brought a boom to the industry due to the high demand for rooms for shelter and the new highway system. The article justifies the importance of good management in any situation.  Having tactics in order for any disaster should always be in place no matter what the situation is.
 Lesson for my management career: This article expounds the importance of preparation. No matter what the economy goes through a lodging operations should always be prepared for the worst.
 New Article: In Favor of hospitality management educations
 Synopsis: The article explains the arguments and criticism one receives from getting the education in hospitality. Since there are some individuals whom believe it’s more of a common sense industry this article shows reasons why it’s also a great idea to pursue this industry through education.
 Lesson for my management career: A few times I have had people ask me why pursue a degree in hospitality and instead just work my way up. The article is informative of the importance of education. One does have the common sense of serving others but all the strategies and an extra layer of knowledge is achieved through reading. I am proud to be completing my education for the hospitality field.


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