subject:application security

Assignment Requirements

In this assignment,  you will develop the basic procedures for the Ken 7 Windows Limited  security personnel to change any access controls.

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subject:application security
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The purpose of these procedures is not to do busy work, but to ensure that:

    You understand and document the purpose of each access control change request.
    You know what access controls were in place before any changes.
    You get an approval of change by the Ken 7 Windows personnel.
    You understand the scope of the change, both with respect to users, computers, and objects.
    You have evaluated the expected impact of the change.
    You know how to evaluate whether the change meets the goals.
    You understand how to undo any change if necessary.

The procedure guide must contain the steps any Ken 7 Windows  Limited personnel should take to evaluate and implement an access  control change. Ensure that your procedures and the documentation the  procedures created for each change include the following:

    Status or setting prior to any change
    Reason for the change
    Change to implement
    Scope of the change
    Impact of the change
    Status or setting after the change
    Process to evaluate the change

You should create a form that security personnel should use and  the step-by-step procedures they should follow to explain and implement  an access control change. Your procedure document should explain the  need for following these procedures and the benefits to Ken 7 Windows  Limited. You should also instruct personnel what to do with the forms  after completing them and how they will be stored. All you need to  include is a short discussion on how to retrieve forms if you need to  undo a change.

Submission Requirements

·  Format: Microsoft Word

·  Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space

·  Citation Style: APA Style with 3 references

·  Length: 1–2 pages


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