Studying The Journey Of Mango Season English Literature Essay

Mango season is an indefinable chef-d’oeuvre of Amulya Malladi. I am really impressed and proud to be a Telugu myself. This whole journey of Mango Season had been truly fantastic. I have ne’er thought that there would be a book on Telugu civilizations and we would be analysing the narrative for our literature surveies. But at the other terminal of the twine, even though I am an Indian, I had ne’er known all the civilizations and traditions of my really ain civilization and this is an eye-opener for me to turn over a new foliage and get down cognizing all the civilizations, and why do we pattern such civilizations in our Telugu community. Coming back to Mangifera indica season, I had identified 3 chief issues which are truly closed to my bosom.
One of the chief issues I would wish to foreground in this novel is arranged matrimony versus love matrimony. This had ever been an issue debated in every Indian household when it comes to marriage. The daughter/ boy love person else but were asked to get married the individual chosen by their parents. This issue can clearly been seen in this novel as this whole narrative reflects on Priya who is confronting a struggle in taking an arranged or love matrimony. Arrange and love matrimonies have their ain advantages and disadvantages. Arranged matrimony shows a sense of regard and trust of the younger coevalss towards their seniors by obeying them in make up one’s minding our future life spouse. While, on the other manus, love matrimony portrays our bravery and finding in contending for our love and to be with the individual we love. Priya, the chief character in this novel is a Telugu miss who comes from the highest caste which is from a Brahmin household. So, it is a must for her to get married a Telugu Brahmin. The struggle begins when Priya is in love and is already engaged with a black American, Nick. When she tells her parents and her grandparents about this issue they wholly disagree and would ne’er desire an American cat to be Priya ‘s hubby. Here, she has a struggle with the household where none of them are to back up her except Nate and Sowmya. When, Priya decided to get married Nick, no affair what happens, Thatha replied that if you marry this adult male, so you are non my household. This shows how rigorous older coevalss are in prohibiting a love matrimony.
In my sentiment, I would instead hold an arranged matrimony. The chief ground is because, parents know what is the best for their kids and have the wisdom and wherewithal to choose the best campaigner, the matrimony will profit from the support and encouragement of their seniors and hence will be lasting and lasting. There are significantly fewer divorces or separations between people of ordered matrimonies. Based on Noreen, who wrote in Indiamarks web site, he stated that Indians look at get marrieding a individual they do n’t cognize, gives one “ a life-time to larn to love them ” . He besides included that an Indian adult female described it as “ Here, we get married without holding feelings for the individual. We base our matrimony on committedness, non on feelings. As our matrimony progresses, the feelings develop. And yes! I genuinely agree with it. At the same clip I would wish to emphasize that, when people think of ordered matrimonies, they frequently picture a male child or miss forced into a relationship in which they have perfectly no pick. However, in world, this is merely non the instance ; before the matrimony becomes official the bride and groom have the chance to run into each other. It ‘s non like the twosome see each other on the nuptials twenty-four hours for the first clip or merely one time before the nuptials. There is normally a period of months after the twosome is engaged, where the twosome gets to cognize each other, run into, talk and discourse the hereafter. This clip after the battle to the nuptials twenty-four hours is kind of the dating period for the twosome.

The 2nd issue I would wish to foreground from this novel is the version of western civilization. In the context of Priya we can clearly see tonss of alterations in her in footings of life style and how she perceives things in her mundane life when she is back in India after 7 old ages populating in The United States. At the same clip, we can see that she has a different mentality now as she is much liberalized and modernized. She thinks traveling through Pelli- chupulu is merely a waste of clip. This is really common in most of the people. Change is lasting, and you can non state no to alter. When we are in the land of the westerners, earlier or later we will certainly acquire adapt to the life style at that place. For illustration, populating together before matrimony is wholly prohibited in India but non in the western civilization. Here, we can see that Priya ‘s life style had changed when she went to The States. She lived together with Nick in the same roof even though they are non married yet and on top of that she had besides made love with Nick. Besides that, the westerners call people by their names even though the individual is much older than them. In this novel we can see that Priya calls Nick ‘s Dendranthema grandifloruom by her name, Frances, even though she is much older than Priya. So, based all this facts from the narrative I can infer that we will acquire adapted to the civilization where we are, like how the phrase goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Priya was in The States for 7 old ages. This is a long phase for her to truly acquire to cognize all the civilizations of the westerners and thereby acquire assimilated with the civilization at that place.
In one of the article by The Associated Press stated that when you are in America being Indian and being here, you shy off from it or conceal from it because you want to be like everyone else. It is really difficult to keep our ain civilization and belief when all around us are Americans. That ‘s what Priya went through, Indians in America were non every bit many as in India and she found it really hard to pattern her ain civilization and traditions at that place. Priya told that when she foremost saw Nick she ne’er expected to prosecute a relationship with him, subsequently on dating him and worst of all life together and started doing love. Here we can deduce that Priya ne’er wanted to confront all this in America but she did, and why? The chief thing is because she got adapted to the civilization at that place.
My 3rd issue in on inter-caste matrimonies. Inter-caste matrimony means girl and male childs are from different castes where one member belongs to take down caste. In this novel, inter-caste matrimony can be seen in the matrimony of Anand and Neelima. Anand is a Telugu Brahmin while Neelima is a Maharashtrian Brahmin. Even though we can see that both are Brahmans but they are from different caste. Neelima is a Maharashtrian which is a lower caste from Telugu. Priya one time stated that being Telugu was really indispensable. Telugu was the official linguistic communication of Andhra Pradesh. Being of the same caste was non plenty to consecrate a matrimony. To get married person, that person had to besides be from the same province. So, Maharashtrians are from the lower caste because they are non Telugu. At the same clip, we can see that thatha was besides is a love matrimony, he was really arranged to Ammamma ‘s cousin, Ratna. But after thatha saw Ammamma, he wanted to get married ammamma alternatively of Ratna. So here we can see that thatha himself pattern love matrimony but with the lone different that he married in the same caste. Their matrimony was successful because they are from the same caste. If ammamma was from a different caste, so certain thatha was forbidden from get marrieding ammamma.
Inter-caste matrimonies have the pro and con ‘s based on which century our position is. As written in Brahmans Within the Caste System byA Andrea Pintane, he stated that Inter-caste matrimonies was really critical in those yearss because different caste pattern different civilization. For case, Harmonizing to the ancientA Hindu scriptures, there are four different caste. TheA Bhagavad Gita ( Hindu sacred book ) A says caste is decided based onA Karma. The four caste ‘s are the BrahminsA ( instructors, bookmans and priests ) , theA KshatriyasA ( male monarchs and warriors ) , theA VaishyasA ( agriculturalists and bargainers ) , andA ShudrasA ( craftsmans, service suppliers, labourers ) .Brahmins which is the highest caste are forbidden from devouring onions, Allium sativum, tomato and should be vegetarians while the other caste such as the Kshtriyas and Vaishyas are non-vege. So, if they marry a individual from different caste, so they have to confront jobs based on the nutrient they consume. Besides that, the 4 caste are from different businesss. Parents those yearss find it easier to be in the same businesss so that they wo n’t hold any jobs in their jobs. But now it ‘s different. With more globalisation and addition in educational installations, there is great alteration in the positions of people. As modernisation has affected every subdivision of society, inter-caste matrimonies have besides received credence from the people in urban and modern societies. There has been broad alteration in the societal scenario. Parents and relations of the lovers have been coming up with more unfastened heads with broad credence of matrimonies outside their ain castes. So, based on this narrative, we can deduce that Priya comes from a household who still have the older coevalss mindset on the inter caste matrimonies.
As a decision, I would wish to state that America and India are manner apart. America is a developed state while India is still a underdeveloped state. It ‘s really difficult to compare a state which has so different in every individual thing. India faced so much agony during those times that they find it so hard to come up. Personally, I enjoyed reading this book. This had given me a opportunity to research the unknown and at the same clip increasing my cognition on my ain civilizations.

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Studying The Journey Of Mango Season English Literature Essay
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