Strategic Management and Policy

 Capstone Component 1: Executive Summary For the first of two capstone components, you will develop a comprehensive, professional executive summary by analyzing quantitative and qualitative tools, analyzing strategic problem-solving skills, assessing any ethical, legal, or social challenges that may be encountered, analyzing global markets, and analyzing entrepreneurial approaches

This executive summary will be used to inform new members of the board of directors who must become familiar with your company. The following sections should be included:

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Strategic Management and Policy
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I. Progress of the Company. You should briefly bring the new board members up to speed about the progress of your company over the past eight years. While it is not important to describe every change, be sure to give an executive-level overview of the various products, strategies, and performances.

II. Current Situation. Here, discuss the current situation of your company by performing and analyzing a full SWOT analysis. 

a) Strengths: Identify the strengths of the organization.
b) Weaknesses: Identify the weaknesses of the organization. 
c) Opportunities: Identify potential opportunities the organization should explore in order to expand.
d) Threats: Identify external factors that could negatively affect the organization. 

III. Future of the Company. Consider the results of your SWOT analysis, and detail an approach you plan to take regarding your top priority at the company. Be sure to include any innovative or sustainable approaches in your plan. 

IV. Ethical, Legal, and Social Challenges. Discuss any ethical, legal, or social challenges the company may have faced or could face in the future, and suggest strategies for how the company could overcome these challenges. 

V. Global Considerations. In this section, discuss what necessary factors would need to be considered if the company were to expand into the global market. Consider the opportunities and threats outlined in the SWOT analysis previously in order to analyze the greatest advantages and disadvantages to expanding this company into the global market. 


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