Strategic Management Analysis

In the education section of your resume, list the schools you attended, the degrees you attained, and any special awards and honors you earned ; In descending order, beginning with the most rent education (Republic Polytechnic) ; If not yet graduated, indicate “Diploma in Integrated Events Management Candidate 2013” 4. Work Experience ; In descending order, begin with most recent Job ; This section of your resume includes your work history. List the companies you worked for, dates of employment, the positions you held and a billeted list of responsibilities and achievements. Use verbs to highlight your strengths, initiative and qualities. Some Verbs to Consider for Work Experience (ensure correct tense) Lead Manage Co-ordinate Develop Design Strengthen perform Liaise Serve Display Guide Resolve Generate Create Win Assist Organism Represent Collate Conduct Instill Gather 5. Co-curricular Activities (optional) ; Include club/society and position held ; Describe responsibilities for the activities took ; Highlight points that could reflect your strengths.
Egg. Team spirit, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills 6. Skills/ Special Knowledge/ Language ; Include skills related to the position / career field that you are applying for I. E. Computer skills, language skills. ; Language proficiency, indicating fluency level. Egg: Spoken Languages: Written Languages: English (Fluent) Mandarin (Fluent) Malay (Basic) English (Proficient) Chinese (Proficient) 7. Awards/ Achievements ; Include academic achievements, awards, 8.
References ; Need not list them on the resume ; Can Just indicated “Available upon request” Top 10 Checklist Contact details. Ensure right email/phone number so that you are contactable for jobs! 2. Career objective. Statement is important to show you are focused. 3. Qualifications. Highlight your strengths to show you can handle the Job. 4. Education. If not graduated yet, indicate “Diploma in Integrated Events Management Candidate 2012” 5. Experience. Use verbs to highlight strengths. Ensure correct tense. Should have month and year. . Look out for gaps in dates between work and education. If clear gap exist, ensure there are good reasons. 7. CA. Highlight strengths. Egg. Leadership, organizational skills 8. Skills/ Languages/ Special Knowledge. Highlight but don’t brag. Egg. Don’t say proficient in programming when only have basic knowledge. 9. References. No need any yet. But have two on standby. 10. Overall spelling, grammar, British English, layout, font and layout consistency. Aesthetically pleasing. Max 2 pages. Cover Letter Questions?

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Strategic Management Analysis
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