stop action video

Pick a topic/story of your choice
Use Photoshop or iMovie to create a stop action video. You can use other programs for this assignment if you would rather use final cut pro or something else.
Stop action movie must be at least 90 seconds, but can be longer
Your movie should be at least 8 frames per second, this means that at the very least you need to take 720 pictures. You can use more frames per second if you’d like. The more pictures you take the better your video will look.
Be aware of the horizontal or vertical orientation of your photos. They must be all the same, otherwise your video will look strange.
As discussed in class parts of the movie can be slower and parts faster,  you can also omit sequential images to create a specific effect.
Sound is optional but if there is no sound there should be a reason it doesn’t have sound, the viewer shouldn’t feel like we are missing something.
Here is a mini tutorial that re-iterates what we talked about in class. We learned to create a stop action in Photoshop but if you have imovie on your personal computer feel free to use it.
If you end up using imovie you MUST turn off the Ken Burns Effect (the zooming into photos it automatically does)
Saving your movie file in Photoshop:

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