Statistics Process Improvement Project PPT?

Content Requirements
Possible Points
A) An executive summary is provided in the storyboard format including:
Is the storyboard presented in 1 PowerPoint slide? Follows DMAIC?
Are tools/graphs/charts used and clearly visible? Do they support findings and conclusions Are arrows, call-out boxes, etc. used to summarize, highlight questions and key learnings? Are expected results clear? And next steps noted?
B)Is it a cohesive presentation opening with the business process and problem statement? The back-up slides (5-15) detail and support the storyboard content.
C) Was the success measure clearly identified, operationally defined and baseline identified? (Was the data identified as continuous or discrete, includes SQL?)
D) Was the data measurement plan or data stratification tree included?
E) Was the data collection method identified?
F) Was there rationale for the sample size taken? Use of the formula? Is there any reference to measurement error and how to minimize?
G) Are at least 5 different tools and techniques clearly identified? Are the tools linked/ pertinent to the data analysis?
H) Does the data analysis clearly tie to the problem conclusion?  Is the “discovery” clear to the reader?

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