speech abalysis

 4 pages, MLA, double spaced. Listen to a speech and read a book. Analyze the speech with the argument in the book. How the speech either confirms or undermines the argument of our current political and social condition? 

Analyzing an Exhibit with Reference to an Argument Source.

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speech abalysis
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Analyze a speech (Trump’s, Trudeau’s, Bill Gates’, Modi’s, etc.) from Davos in light of Judt’s argument in Ill Fares the Land. Show how the speech either confirms or undermines Judt’s critique of our current political and social condition; another way of thinking about this assignment is that you will show how the speech is informed by the processes that Judt describes in Ill Fares the Land. You might also discuss the overall climate at the 2018 Global Economic Forum and show how this too contributes to your discussion of how the speech conforms to Judt’s argument.
Alternatively, you may select the State of the Union speech by Trump on Tuesday night if you wish.
You must listen to/read the entire speech (you will cite it in your Works Cited or Bibliography). It’s not enough to listen to a few soundbytes. The paper will begin with a brief summary of the main points delivered in the speech. You will follow this summary with an analysis of a theme or specific moment in the speech.
4pages, double-spaced, typewritten. All papers must be formatted according to MLA or Chicago style (please indicate the style you are using at the top of the Works Cited page) and must include a Works Cited or Bibliography (not counted as part of your number of pages!)


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