Program evaluation models continue to evolve as the needs of students and the educational programs in which they participate change. As a special education leader, you will need the resources to implement or to create your own program evaluation tool that meet the specific needs of your program. For this Discussion, you will research and evaluate program evaluation types, approaches, and models. As you conduct your research, consider how you can promote systemic positive outcomes as an educational leader in special education.
To Prepare:

Review the module Learning Resources.
Identify at least three program evaluation types, models, or approaches.
Build a Resource List of Programs to add to your existing Tool Kit.

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By Day 3 of Week 9
Post a description of at least three program evaluation types, approaches, or models. Provide the citation and brief analysis of each program. Identify possible positive and negative outcomes of program evaluation. Explain how you can promote systemic positive outcomes based on special education program evaluation as an educational leader. 


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