Spanx CEO Sara Blakely on Writing Your Billion Dollar Story

We’ve had some pretty amazing women on .
I’ve learned a lot from each of them. In fact, I learn a lot from all the women around me (almost my whole team is women).
But today’s guest is extra special.

Not only is she the youngest self-made female billionaire in America, she is also the mother of four young kids, the wife of another podcast guest, , and the founder and CEO of the massively popular women’s apparel brand SPANX.
Sara Blakely is a legend among entrepreneurs.
When we got to sit down and talk for the podcast, I kept finding out new things to admire Sara for.
She struggled a lot in school, she sold fax machines door to door for 7 years before she had the idea for SPANX and she was rejected by every manufacturing company she took her idea to.
But she didn’t let any of that stop her.
Sara’s hustle and can-do attitude is just one thing I learned about her in this interview.
We dive into dealing with grief, how to scale companies the right way, what it’s like to be mentored by Richard Branson and much more.
Welcome to an inspiring interview with powerhouse Sara Blakely in Episode 397.

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Spanx CEO Sara Blakely on Writing Your Billion Dollar Story
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