Software, Databases, Information Systems, and Big Data

Databases and Big Data can be exactly that: big. Based on what we have discussed this week and your new experience in systems administration, think about what is needed to host a database or map reduce system (Big Data). Now with that in your mind, why are backups so important? Just looking at this week’s homework, where is most of the time spent when building a system?
Answer the following questions in this discussion board based on your experience:

Describe why you think backups of configuration are equally important to backups of data and describe how you would back up your virtual machine
Write 10 sentences about this topic in the discussion board and then review other students’ posts and reply

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Software, Databases, Information Systems, and Big Data
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Aligned Objectives

Generate backup plans
Identify administrate databases, DNS, mail, backups, and similar system software
Provide software repository recommendations
Monitor software and equipment using simple test scripts

Response Parameters

Write at least two peer responses
Each initial post should be 250 to 350 words. Respond to at least one peer’s post by providing potential solutions to their concern

Lastly add few lines of peer response with suggestions with clear headings stating peer response and suggestions . 


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