socw 6301

The center point of research studies is the body of data collected to answer the research question. Without data, there would be no study. So… what might be the best way to acquire data for your purposes? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of timeframe, cost, and bias. You also must consider whether there is an established data collection instrument for you to use (such as an existing test or survey), or whether you plan to develop your own—and if so, how you will test for reliability and validity.
In this Discussion, you justify your chosen method of measurement and data collection for your study. You then receive feedback and insight on potential cultural implications from your colleagues.

To Prepare:

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socw 6301
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Review the Learning Resources on measurement and data collection methods.
Consider which data collection methods would be most appropriate for your proposed research and why.

By Day 3
Restate your research question and methodological approach chosen for your proposed research study. Then, identify and justify which method of measurement and data collection best fits your research question and methodological approach.


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