Socrates is considered by some to be the philosopher who challenged Sophism and ushered a new era into Classical Greece. However, other philosophers believe that Socrates is simply the best Sophist in that he could never be beaten in a debate. Which position does the information in your text support? Provide a definition of Sophism and then use examples of Socratic philosophy in the form of short quotes to justify your answer. This is a formal assignment that is designed to use the information of your text to answer with direct quotes. Avoid referring to yourself–for example, instead of writing “I think that Socrates is a Sophist,” write “Evidence suggests that Socrates is a Sophist.” Your essay will be evaluated on the quality of your response and how thoroughly and effectively you support your answer.Quotes from the textbook are the best way to prove these points. When you quote, simply write the text author and page number parentheses–eg–(Soccio, 45). Save the file as a PDF and upload.Try to avoid referring to yourself.This is what my professor asked. i will providing the chapter of my book. please I want a excellence piece of paper. i care more about the quality of the paper than the quantity. message if you have any questions.

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