Social Work HIV Essay

*In text scholarly references needed

In a 5- to 7-page report:

· Describe the specific population(s) (ethnic or racial group, homosexuals, veterans, women, children, adolescents, etc.) affected by the health issue you selected. Explain how this population is discriminately affected by the health issue you selected.
· Explain the primary determinants of the health issue. 
· Then, explain how these determinants contribute to the disparities in care for the population.
· Explain what specific social work interventions you might implement to address this health issue, reduce or eliminate disparities, and improve health outcomes.
· Identify some challenges you may encounter when implementing the interventions. Then, explain the strategies you might employ to address these challenges.
· Explain the advocacy roles a medical social worker might play in addressing the disparities in health care for the health issues and population you selected.
· Cite your response using external scholarly resources.
· Conclusion

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