Social Theory SOC 323

  Dr. S last

1. Describe Bourdieu’s concept “cultural capital” (1 paragraph)
2. Bourdieu is often labeled as a “constructivist structuralist.” What does that mean? (1 paragraph)
3. According to Bourdieu, How is social class replicated? (2-3 paragraphs)
4. Define 3 concepts from Bourdieu’s work. (2-3 paragraph)
5. DuBois thinks that Blacks are gifted with special insight into the American World. What is this special insight? How is this insight sociologically relevant? Why are such insights necessary for social change? (2-3 paragraphs)
6. Define Gillman’s concept of Gynaecocentric theory. (1 paragraph)
7. How can history and representation be used as tools in oppression? How can they be used to silence the voices of the disenfranchised groups? (1 paragraph)
8. Define Wilson’s class-state theory. (1 paragraph)
9. What is the world economy, according to Wallerstein? (1 paragraph)
10.Define Patricia Hills Collin’s concept the matrix of domination. (1 paragraph)
Yes/ No – then explain your answer (1 paragraph each):
11.Is Gender inequality is oldest system of economic and political? 
12.Did Charlotte Perkins Gillman (like Spencer) think that the history of human society evolved from simple to complex. 
13.When DuBois wrote his famous work The Souls of Black Folk deliberately as subject centered, using personal pronouns. For example, he uses his life and experiences to demonstrate the struggles of the black race in America and the in the world.
14.What is your favorite theory / theorist? Why is this your favorite? Define 3 concepts from this theory. What are the strengths and limitations of this theory? (response should be 2-3 paragraphs min -½ to 1 page long).

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