social media policy

Recently your facility has had patient complaints about staff posing with patents and posting these pictures on social media. You have also noticed many staff members “friending” patients and/or their families. 

Your facility has decided to form a social media policy committee to consider establishing policy about the use of social media by staff at your facility.

***Write a policy that covers the following areas. (and the file that I uploaded)***

1.  Is posting on social media a violation of any Federal or State Law? Be sure to cite appropriate law in your policy
2.  Do you think your facility needs a social media policy? 
3.  What departments should be included on the social media policy committee? 
4.  Are there any hospital departments or staff that should be excluded on the social media policy committee?
5.  How will you present this new policy to new employees? Existing employees?
6.  How will you address social media as an organization? Who will have ownership of this policy?
7.  How will you address staff who wish to express their opinions or views about health care issues on social media.

Use correct policy format to include:

Procedure as applicable
Signature page

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