soc/110 creating an agenda

i need this done in the next 3 hours please all orignal work with current referances. thanks 

Create an agenda for a team meeting on a topic of your choice.  Draw from your own experience working within a group with the goal of achieving a specific task. You may use your experience as a student working in a group, or develop a plan for a future learning team.  Include specific items requiring group discussion and consensus.  

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soc/110 creating an agenda
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Write a 200- to 350-word summary of the following: 

•In a virtual meeting, how can you ensure a group is communicating effectively? 
•How can you ensure that each team member understands what the next steps are required to achieve the meeting’s goals? 
•What are the characteristics of effective teams?
 •How do roles, needs, and diversity affect teamwork? Provide specific examples. •What are components of group diversity? 
•How can you ensure that each team member understands what are the next steps required to achieve the meeting’s goals?   

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


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