Self Care Plan

Grading Rubric
Assignment: Self-Care Plan (20% of overall grade)
Meets Criteria listed below:

Planning Paper that includes the following:

Description of the type   of Health Mental Health setting you plan to work in

(It would be the V.A. Hospital) 

Description of the unique   issues and challenges that may arise in the practice setting that could lead   to a vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress   (compassion fatigue), or burnout (include definitions)

Detailed list of the   activities you utilize currently for self-care

Detailed and insightful   list of barriers you experience now for self-care

Identify and describe new   strategies that may be helpful for self-care in the practice setting 

Identify barriers to   self-care in a Health Mental Health setting AND suggest how you can address the barriers

Identify and describe   some negative coping strategies you use to cope in difficult professional   situations.

Description of ways you   can address negative coping strategies

Paper is in APA format and a minimum of 5pages.

The SAMSHA podcast is available at the link above.  Click the second link if the first one does not work.  Additionally are the Power Point slides for your review.  They will be helpful for you defining important terms to be discussed in your first assignment, the self care plan.  


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