Security Awareness Training

This assessment is composed of the following two deliverable parts:
Part 1 – Security Awareness Training Options Presentation
Create a 4–6 slide PowerPoint presentation that outlines the options available for employee security awareness training.

Identify the commercial and custom options that are available to organizations for provision of security awareness training.

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Security Awareness Training
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Part 2 – Security Awareness and Training Background and Recommendations
Develop a 4–6 page document that includes background information and recommendations for the board of directors specific to the employee security awareness training which is optimal for use in the organization.

Describe the components of an effective user training and awareness program.
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of integrating security awareness training as an aspect of the performance review process.
Explain how Mega-Corp can use security awareness training to protect information assets against social engineering.
Differentiate between security awareness training appropriate for IT and that which is appropriate for non-technical users.
Recommend a specific employee security awareness training option.


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