4 Page(s),1100 Words, due in 15 hours
 Double Space, Undergraduate, APA, Psychology this is draft 3 of the literature review on MIcroagressions in Modern Day America.
My request is to combine all LR reviews that have been completed on the topic and complete a 4-5 page review. I will also send comments that were sent in reference to the last peer-reviewed on microaggressions.
this is the assignment request:
In this module, we continue to work on writing and editing the literature review assignment. The special skill of focus this week is writing concisely. In an attempt to meet minimum page limits, as personal style, or for a host of other reasons, students often embellish their writing with fillers and unnecessary words/phrases. You should attempt to eliminate anything that is not needed in each sentence. If you’re not sure, try reading the sentence without the questionable phrase. If it reads well and relays all the important information, deletes the phrase. Sometimes you will need to rework your sentence to eliminate filler words or phrases. While the use of such phrases is fine on occasion, papers should not contain numerous uses. Below are just a few common filler words/phrases: • There are/is • It was found that • In order to • For the fact that 

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