Overview of Trends in School ViolenceVIRTUAL VISIT.     FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, YOU WILL NEED TO GET TWO ARTICLES FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR AND COMPLETE A VIRTUAL VISIT ON BOTH ARTICLES.  PLEASE SEARCH Overview of Trends In School Violence.  Virtual visit instructions below………………………     Instructions for a Virtual Visit:     First, using the internet find an article relative to the assigned (usually broad) subject matter.     Then carefully read the article     Then put the article away and write a summary of the article, remember to give details that you may use in a general discussion.     Last write a summary or answer the assigned questions, INCLUDING YOUR OPINION of what you learned from the article and if you find the article relevant.        Write at least a one-paragraph summary of the article.  More if needed.     Last write a one page full opinion or answer to the questions from the article highlighting the strong points and the weaknesses in you opinion of the article.     Last, Virtual visit must be TWO (or three) full Page of Word (.doc or docx), 12 point size, and traditional font.  The ideas must fill the entire page and may only go beyond the parameter by a line or two.     The idea is to be brief and to the point.

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