San Francisco Corridor Plan

instructions are uploaded below, articles mentioned are attached as wellV365:  PlanningFall 2021 San Francisco Corridor AssignmentHomework Assignment:  Each student will be required to write a short no more than two (2) pages (double-spaced), memorandum submitted to the oncourse assignment page by 11:59 PM, October 22, 2021.  Your written assignment is as follows:V365 StudentsReview the San Francisco Central Corridor Plan and compare it with the (APA Economic Development Newsletter Spring 2013 – found under the files tab in canvas) San Francisco Central Market District article.  Please comment; are    both documents consistent or if some parts are in conflict. You will need to give examples from the two documents to support your point of view.After a thoughtful review of the two above-mentioned San Francisco documents, please give your thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of both documents.  Once again, you will need to give examples to support your line of thinking.You will need to make three (3) recommendations concerning changes, improvements or concerns you may have with these two San Francisco planning documents.  You should be able to use some basic planning terms in your recommendations.(Note:  Both San Francisco documents are found of canvas Week #8 Overview). 

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San Francisco Corridor Plan
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