Romeo’s tragedy downfall essay

Romeo and juliet is a very tragic story because two people that are in love were supposed to hate each other, but instead love each other, they are so in love that they do stuff without even thinking. Which all leads to death at the end. Friar lawrence is responsible for the death of romeo and juliet. Romeo is a 16 year old who is very intelligent and sensitive,also in love with his father worst enemy daughter, juliet. Romeo’s fatal flaw was romeo was in love with with rosaline. But as soon as he saw juliet he was instantly in love with her. He switched lanes without turning on his blinker.
Romeo fatal flaw lead to his downfall because with him loving juliet he makes poor life decision and judgement that leads to his death. Once romeo and juliet are starting to love each other romeo quickly asked friar lawrence for a marriage arrangement. Also friar lawrence was responsible for the death of romeo and juliet. Because when friar lawrence gave juliet a potion to feign her death, so she wouldn’t have to marry paris. He didn’t tell romeo that so romeo thought it was real and killed himself. And then that cause juliet to kill herself.
Another character that has a fatal flaw is juliet. Her fatal flaw was her loyalty to romeo. She cannot live without romeo. If she couldn’t be with romeo , she wouldn’t want to be with anyone. So when she found out that romeo was dead she didn’t know what to do, so she killed herself. So both character died because of making stupid decision without thinking. If romeo would of just found out how she died he would have still been alive. And juliet would of been alive to but they don’t look at the facts before decision making, They just make decision.

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Romeo’s tragedy downfall essay
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